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The Tracy Island Writers Forum Group Rules

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Group Rules
(Updated September, 2013)

Rule #1: There Have to be Rules
Setting rules isn’t something anyone enjoys doing, but rules are very necessary to protect our members and ensure a happy and friendly environment for all.

Rule #2: No Flaming. Of Anyone. Ever
Constructive criticism is not only okay, it's welcome. We encourage free speech, and we believe everyone’s opinions should be respected. We ask all of our members to have the same respect for each other. We also expect our members to be adult enough to hit the delete key. Disagreeing with what is said is absolutely fine, as long as that disagreement is constructive in form. If we can’t be constructive, then we must take it up with the other member(s) off the list via private email, not in public where it is only too easy to start World War III. Bullying, badgering or persecution in any form will not be tolerated.

Rule #3: All Writing-Related Posts are Welcome, Even if They Aren’t Directly Related to "Thunderbirds"
This is a site that mainly centers around Thunderbirds fan fiction, but all writing issues/questions/comments/posts are more than welcome. We are first and foremost a group for writers.

Rule #4: Please Use Spellcheck and Try to Write in Complete Sentences
As we said in Rule #3, we’re a writers’ group. Therefore, we ought to at least make the effort to post coherently and maintain a basic standard of literacy. A member who persistently makes posts that read like text-speak, consisting mostly of “LOL” and “XXX” and seldom beginning with a capital letter and ending with a period, will earn themselves a spell on posting moderation (see Rule #7). We have no desire to restrict the fun, and of course we all can and do make posts like that occasionally, but doing nothing but that on a regular basis is an annoying form of spam that just junks up people’s inboxes. We’d like to think we’re worth a bit more of an effort from our members than that.

Rule #5: We’re Not Dead Yet
Are we going to discuss the individual, uh, *physical merits* of the Tracy boys? Of course we are. And we do. But our aim is always to keep this, like everything else, in moderation – somewhere between too-old-to-care and teenage-hormone-madness. There’s a happy medium, and sometimes we have a really, really good time searching for it – and we hope you will, too!

Rule #6: Put it in the Right Place
Tracy Island Villa is only for posts/discussions, not for anything to be attached.
Documents go in the Creighton-Ward Mansion Library forum. Documents rated R or higher should go into the “Rated R” folder within the Creighton-Ward Mansion Library forum. PLEASE DO NOT POST R OR HIGHER RATED ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE RATED R SUB-FORUM IN THERE – we have some young members, and some of our members open their emails at work. Please label your documents appropriately, including explaining what it is and why you're posting it, and read the note about how to post documents before you begin.
Pictures and images go in the Automatic Camera Detector Database forum. PLEASE DO NOT POST R OR HIGHER RATED ANYWHERE OTHER THAN THE RATED R SUB-FORUM IN THERE. Please label your photos appropriately so members can search them, and read the note about how to post photos before you begin.
The TIWF Challenges folder is only for TIWF Administrators to post Challenge-related files and posts. Please do not directly comment on those threads/documents within that forum. Please instead use the Tracy Island Villa for comments.

Rule #7: The Management Reserves the Right to Moderate Posts from Any Member at Any Time
Life is but a game of shadows and mirrors. Nothing around us is any more real than we think it is.

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